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Serving As A Sustaining Member

The Junior League of Morgan County (JLMC) has four classes of membership, Provisional, Active, Golden Active and Sustaining.

A Sustaining Member is one who has contributed eight or more years of Active member status to JLMC. A Sustainer has all the privileges of membership except that she may not hold office or vote on issues that come before the membership. A Sustainer in good standing has the obligation to pay dues but she is not required to attend meetings or perform volunteer service within the Junior League programs.

After the minimum eight-years of service within Junior League, Active members may select Sustainer status. They take what they have learned out into the community and demonstrate the effectiveness of trained volunteers on community boards of directors, on school boards, in elected office and on a variety of community, school and church activities within their area of interest.

Sustaining JLMC

JLMC has nearly 200 Sustaining Members. In addition to community work, Sustainers assist the Junior League by serving as Sustaining Advisors to fundraising activities and one member serves as a Sustainer Representative to Executive Board. Three Sustaining Members serve as permanent members on our Community Advisory Board.

Sustainer Spotlight

Anna Davis 

Anna Davis held the offices of Community Vice-President, President-elect, and President.

One of her favorite memories were the building and opening of the HANDS Home and the Bag a Bargain years when the whole league worked together on our fundraiser. “The two go together because we liked to say that we built HANDS one fifty cent item at a time!  I made many good friends while sorting and pricing thrift!”

Anna still holds a passion for JLMC. “All you have to do is look around our county to see the mark that JLMC leaves.  From support for local hospitals and schools to causes like child abuse, domestic violence, women's and children's health, and assistance for problem teenagers, we have a rich history of diving in and addressing the issues affecting quality of life in our community.  I have always been proud of our commitment to making Morgan County a better place to live. “

She is very excited about seeing Bag-A-Bargain make a comeback this year. “The excitement that this fundraiser creates in our city is delightful and contagious…  JLMC is in very capable hands and I have enjoyed getting to know members who I might not have met otherwise.  It has been so heartening to see that the generosity of our sustainers and community has not changed since the last Bag-A-Bargain!”

Carey Sutton

Carey Sutton has held many positions within JLMC including; Silent Auction Chair, Signature Project Liaison (Delano Park), President Elect, President, and Sustainer Liaison.

When asked about her favorite memory while being a member of JLMC, Carey stated, “One of my favorite memories of JLMC is not just one specific thing. When I look back on the time I spent in JLMC, I am reminded of all the laughter with the friends I made while I was an active member and how those friends are still a big part of my life today.”

Carey expressed that JLMC’s impact on our community is larger than most people realize. “There are so many things that many people participate in that got its start with JLMC. Some examples are PACT, the Toy Cart at DMH, the playground equipment at Delano Park, the children's library at Wheeler Basin, the hearing/vision screening in our schools, HANDS Home, Habitat for Humanity... I could continue on but there are so many things that have impacted our community. I really encourage each of you to learn about some of the things that JLMC has done to make our community better.”

One of the key things she is looking forward to about BAB and with old friends and making new ones. “And not going to lie, there is nothing like watching the big door roll up and watching all the shoppers run in like they have just been called to "come on down" by Bob Barker.”

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