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The Mary Liz Beaton Award is presented each year to an Active member, who has displayed outstanding commitment to the League and has done “above and beyond” her placement obligations. Mary Liz Beaton became a provisional of the League in 1988 and an Active member in 1989. During her association with League, Mary Liz repeatedly demonstrated her remarkable spirit. During the 1989-1990 year, Mary Liz’s diminishing health, due to diabetes, kept her from attending many meetings. If she was unable to attend a meeting, she made sure her League members knew that her absence was beyond her control. In addition she asked friends to telephone her after the meeting to keep her informed. Whenever possible, she not only attended meetings, but also fulfilled her service commitment. Again and again, she considered and remembered her commitment to League, during episodes that were very hard for her. Mary Liz passed away at age 32 due to complications due to diabetes.

Mary Liz taught us how to live as she continued to look forward even when the future held a difficult journey for her. Up until her last days, she talked about further service for League. In teaching us how to live with optimism and selfless dedication to others, she ultimately taught us how to deal with our own mortality. Her rich legacy will long be remembered by each of us.

Past Mary Liz Beaton Award Recipients

Leah Ferguson- 2024

Magan Garner- 2023

Christina Crawford- (posthumously) 2022

Page Holifield- 2021

Jessie Crishon- 2020

Jennifer Williams- 2019

Erin Cossey- 2018

Laura Smith- 2017

Christina Fowler- 2016

Brooke McCollum- 2015

Andi Stewart- 2014

Vanessa Jones and Meg Tanner - 2013

Samantha Dinges - 2012

Kristi Overbee - 2011

Holly Whitt - 2010

Jennie Marie McMasters and Mary McRee - 2009

Alicia Nails - 2008

Karen Tidwell - 2007

Angie Casciano - 2006

Carey Sutton - 2005

Andrea Murphree - 2004

Ali Propst - 2003

Louise Brown - 2002

Laura Hellard and Jesslyn Reeves - 2001

Deb Dubach and Robin Higdon - 2000

Jean Hovey - 1999

Anna Davis - 1998

Phyllis Gray - 1997

Amy Godwin - 1996

April Whitley - 1995

Kathryn Price - 1994

Leslie Hofammann - 1993

Laurie Mummert - 1992


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